Fat2Fit Bootcamp - Lose Weight The Right Way!

Fat2Fit Bootcamp - Lose Weight The Right Way!


This is a one day workshop (mixed gender). It starts at 10am and finishes at 5.30pm.

We currently have 2 locations where training occurs:

  • Port-Louis
  • Curepipe

A typical day looks like this:

  • 10:00am - Hike
  • 12.00pm - Boxercise
  • 1.00pm - Lunch (not supplied)
  • 2.00pm - Nutrition Workshop
  • 3.30pm - Full Body Workout
  • 4.30pm - Yoga
  • 5.30pm - One to One Lifestyle Consultation

You will learn the most efficient exercises you should do to burn calories faster, how to tailor your diet to achieve your nutritional requirements, how to deal with cravings and set up a plan to achieve your goals.

If you'd like women only workshops or the above locations are not accessible for you, then send us a message to let us know your requirements.

Ready to become the best version of yourself? Hop in then.


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