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Follow Your Heart to Know What You Really Want in Life

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If you're finding yourself constantly struggling in life, then maybe you're going against nature, against what you truly want. Difficult situations in life may be caused by bad karma but often, they are only signs of conflict between your mind and heart.


The mind is concerned with survival and will do everything to keep you safe. It evaluates things based on past experiences and knowledge you have acquired and will advise you based on the outcome of its calculation. That's why it doesn't like the unknown, it prefers not to take any risks to protect you.

The heart on the other hand is spontaneous. It doesn't analyse anything; it just tells you what makes you happy. It is in accordance with nature. It knows you better than you know yourself and that's why you need to listen to your heart more.

How the mind messes things up

With the mind and heart on opposite ends, sometimes you listen to one and at other times, the other. However most people are trained to listen to their mind since childhood and it is difficult to let go of this habit. You see the mind wants the best for you too but it's too practical, too logical and life isn't. You may lead a life where you're stable and shielded away from pain but may be extremely unhappy on the inside.

The mind's job is more to do with the body while the heart with the soul.

You may have a decent job and earning decent money and the mind is satisfied you're able to look after yourself but you may be miserable because it's not the job you'd really like to do. Similarly there are many compromises we make along the way; we prefer to stay in our comfort zone because we are accustomed to it. Even if we're miserable, we're still okay with this as we know how it feels. So we plan each step carefully and avoid the unknown at all costs.

Listen to your heart and the struggle will stop

How do you listen to your heart? At first, this may not be an easy thing. There are too many distractions, too many wrong signals. Even the mind might pretend to be the heart. So to stop all this noise, you need to meditate. You need to find a quiet place and drop all thoughts.

Then ask yourself what makes you happy. You should feel the answer from your heart. Be aware, your mind will create doubts if it's risky. It doesn't like change and will try to convince you otherwise. If you will be happier selling vegetables you've grown yourself and will have to quit your 9-5 job with guaranteed income at the end of the month, of course your mind will object and try to persuade you not to do that.

Meditation will help you discover what you really want in life because it's going to connect you to the core of your existence which is your heart. Signals from the heart may be irrational and you may face a lot of difficulties if you listen to it but in the end, you'll be happier.

gices Published 26 Dec 2013


sarah_7 20 Oct 2019

Sometimes following your heart is too painful

believer 30 Dec 2013

Easier said than done!