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Stop working so much and start living your life!

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From a young age, we've been accustomed to the concept of a future, a day called tomorrow, which will happen at a later time in your life and this has been unfortunately, the biggest hurdle in our path to happiness. Believing in tomorrow means you can sacrifice today in the hope that tomorrow will bring you more success. As much as this is true, it is however not the way to live.

start living

It is important to have a balance in life and overdoing things will only make you more miserable than you currently are. People have been programmed to think that the future may be better for them depending on how they build it and time spent with family/loved ones or just pampering ourselves is being sacrificed everyday. It is true that success comes with hard work but that can only be monetary and materialistic things.

Different people will have different notion of success but what many people would agree on is that success is a reflection on how much you possess, your social status and how far in life you've reached compared to many others. This is not true happiness though and you will soon find out that the pleasure it brings is only temporary and just like a drug addict requires an even higher dosage everyday to attain the same feeling, you will also need to work more and more to acquire more things in your life to keep on making you happy.

True happiness on the other hand lasts forever once you understand what it really is. It is not a rat race where you need to have more than your neighbour or your friends and it is not what people would make out of you if you had this or that. It is how you feel about yourself. Even if you haven't won the lottery, you can feel like a millionaire because it is you at the end of the day who is responsible for how you feel. So live the each and every moment of your life to the fullest and experience all the little things that happen everyday, because each single day is another reason for you to be happy.

gices Published 19 Jul 2011